1183/5 2Voice Miro Audio Doorphone

2Voice Miro Audio Doorphone

  • Miro, doorphone for 2Voice systems
  • It has a door opener button (backlit) and 3 more buttons for additional services (to open a second car entry, to switch on the staircase light, to call a concierge, to call other monitors)
  • A led gives indication of the active functions (MUTE ON, automatic door open ON) or particular situations (door open, active call).
  • It`s provided with a dedicated input for the floor call and one output to repeat the call on an external device (bell, lamp, etc.).
  • It`s possible to choose the call tone for the incoming calls and for the floor call between 5 different sounds and a different rhythmic cadence gives the precise indication of the incoming call source
  • Glossy white plastic
  • Volume adjustment and MUTE function capability